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A Blog: The Secret Spice for Your Business Marketing

Businesses must be able to reach out to their customer base to generate a thriving business. Some entrepreneurs and business owners feel compelled to stuff their websites with as much info as possible from the very start. While information is good, too much at once initially is a bit overwhelming. Overwhelm can paralyze a customer, and they end up not taking action. Websites are best used as a funnel to guide customers through the sales process. A blog can be another helpful sales tool funnel to engage your customer base in your brand. A well-crafted blog can help conversion rates increase.

A blog is a clever way to add more information to your site without clogging up the front end of the sales funnel. Using a blog like an extra info pool makes additional information more digestible for customers. This gives your customer base choice and attracts people who genuinely are seeking more info.

A good story attracts people. A blog can help facilitate storytelling. An appealing narrative can be used as a vehicle to compel customers to click on a link or subscribe to become a member. With some creativity and imagination, exploring or browsing through your website can become an engaging, unique experience. 

Blogging can be a very powerful marketing tool. With the magic of storytelling, a blog allows you to create a more interactive and engaging website experience for your customer base. For some inspiration here are some examples of blog ideas:

Interactive guide to buying our products

Customer experience stories

Behind the scenes exclusives

The best product features

Highlights of our services

The colorful, historic tale of how the business was born

Learn more about how sales funnels, blogs, and more can help enhance your marketing strategy. Get hold of us today. We love to share our marketing knowledge and expertise.



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